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How to Keep Baby Cool in Summer

As the weather heats up, it's paramount to be aware of all the suitable ways to help your little one stay both sunsafe and well-hydrated as they explore their natural surroundings.

Babies, toddlers, and young children can quickly become seriously ill if exposed to extreme heat, so our handy guide is here to offer some guidance and advice when it comes to preventing dehydration, exhaustion, heatstroke, and even restlessness during the Summer months.

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Out and About Accessories

No matter whether visiting the local park, your favourite sandy beach, or even whilst adventuring on holiday, it's important to make sure you, and your little one, are well equipped to handle the warmer weather. Pushchairs and Strollers such often feature extendable visors and breathable linings that are specially designed to help keep your youngster feeling comfortable for longer as they're transported from A to B. Looking to stay prepared against all weather types? Raincovers are perfect for those unexpected downpours.

When it comes to UV protection, novelty sunglasses such as the L.OL. Surprise or Toy Story character glasses are sure to be popular, whilst accessories such as the Sun Shade Set is designed to be easily attached to any vehicle window whilst on the road.

Caring for your little one when it comes to feeding time needn't be a chore either. Desirable items such as the Zoo Standard Neck Feeding Bottles are perfect for helping keep your baby fuller and hydrated for longer, whilst picnicware and storage coolers are sure to keep their favourite snacks and treats well-chilled whilst away from home.

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Paddling Pools and Outdoor Playsets

A wonderful way to help your little one cool down whilst outside enjoying the garden environment, inflatables are sure to provide hours of endless entertainment.

For those not yet fully acquainted with swimming, be sure to invest in some durable supportive floats such as the Bestway Swim Safe ABC Support Step A.

Specially designed suncream is available for helping keep your little one's skin protected against harmful rays. It's important, even whilst playing in the shade or whilst in the water, to keep their skin protected with SPF Factor 30 or higher. It's recommended that you apply lotion liberally before they head out into the sun, and then once again every 1 - 2 hours. Be sure to actively avoid direct exposure to the midday sun (between 11am and 3pm) and always seek shade wherever available.

Keeping Cool At Night

Making sure you choose the perfect bedding is an important step to helping your baby, toddler, or young child sleep with ease during the warmer months. Breathable sheets and blankets made from cotton or linen are designed to keep them cool as they drift off to sleep. 

Still struggling to find ways to reduce the temperature in their nursery or bedroom during Summer evenings? Leaving windows slightly ajar to create a flowing through-breeze is sure to help - or if you'd rather not leave them open during the night time, then why not leave them open during the run-up to bedtime to help cool the air. Bringing bathtime forward to just before bedtime is another great way to help them cool down. Make sure you opt for a tepid water temperature and let them air dry whilst lying down to help the water evaporate from their skin.

If you're looking for a way to help monitor the temperature of their bedroom or even their next bath, then a thermometer is sure to help provide added peace of mind.

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