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A Guide To Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

If you're looking for something that's designed to help you relax and unwind in style from the comfort of your own home, then here at The Range our extensive collection of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas are sure to help you make a real splash with friends, family members, and guests.

Suitable for use whilst free-standing or as part of a built-in outdoor paradise, Spas and Hot Tubs are a wonderful way to help relieve aches and pains with ease.

New to Spas? Be sure to check out our Guide To Buying an Outdoor Spa or our insightful Guide To Caring For Your Outdoor Spa.

Hot Tubs

Boasting an array of impressive features, such as cascading waterfalls, LED lighting, and even pop-up speaker systems, here at The Range our collection of Canadian Spa Hot Tubs are sure to help liven up any outdoor living area in style. With hot tubs both small and spacious, you and a few close loved ones will be able to truly soak and relax after a long day on your feet.

For those looking for something that suits up to 6 users at a time, then the Lawrence or the Thunder Bay are sure to impress. Optimising their built-in and fully-adjustable massager jets to help provide a premium-quality spa experience, these powerful Hot Tubs are sure to become the talking point of any home.

After something bigger still? If so, then the generously sized Victoria or the Kingston can sit up to a whopping seven people and is sure to complement any personalised paradise. Featuring digital contols and built-in water purification systems, these desirable Hot Tubs are designed to help you harness all the benefits of a full-body massage from your own home.


No Spa experience would be complete without appropriate accessories! If you're looking to soak in true sweet-scented style, the Canadian Spa Aromatherapy Spa Scent is sure to impress your fellow soakers. Available in charming scents of Chamomile, Green Tea, Lavender, Rose, and even Strawberry Champagne, these scented beads are specially designed to utilise the built-in air jets of your Hot Tub to gentle infusing the surrounding air to help create a fragrant aroma as your relax and unwind. Stuck on which scent to opt for? Why not go for a multi pack - featuring a desirable mixture of all the popular scents.

Looking for a way to accentuate and layer-up your Hot Tub? Items such as bar stools and side tables provide the perfect spot to store drinks and towls, while rattan planters are great for filling with plants to create a truly exoctic feeling space to soak.

Swim Spas

If you find yourself with a little more space to play with, then why not invest in a powerful and performance-driven Swim Spa such as the St Lawrence? Available in multiple sizes from large to super large, these spas combine both the aspect of relaxation with muscle training. Designed to not only help users relax and unwind, but to offer them the ability to develop muscle strength as they utilise the dedicated Swim Zones.Featuring unique jet systems with controllable resistance, these impressive Swim Spas are sure to help you achieve that all-body workout you've been searching for. What's more, their connecting Hot Tubs are perfect for slipping into once you've completed your swim!

Concerned about accessibility? Durable steps such as the Canadian Spa Rattan Hot Tub Straight Step or the Canadian Spa Rattan Corner 2-Tier Step are designed to help provide ease of access when either entering or leaving your Hot Tub or Swim Spa.

Caring For Your Hot Tub or Spa

When it comes to essential maintenance, the processes needn't be taxing. simple kits to help you measure your water are available. while easy to use chemical packs will help you regulate the pH balance and alkalinity. Replaceable filters are also an essential, as they'll help help fight and inhibit unwanted bacteria.

If you're looking for a way to help keep your Hot Tub or Swim Spa protected from the elements, then why not invest in a cover? Available in both sqaured and round styles.

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