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How To Paint A Mountain Mural On Your Wall

Painting your own mural – a piece of artwork on a wall or ceiling intended for decorative effect – is a great way to flex your creativity and end up with a beautiful piece of art you’ve created yourself. Of course, you could paint almost anything for a mural, but we’ve written up a short guide for what we think is a simply beautiful mural that will bring masses of nature-inspired style to your home: A mural of mountains.


Mural ECI

What You’ll Need

- Paint: Of several tins and colours. For an arty project like this, we'd recommend using Rust-Oleum's chalky wall paint, as you only ever need a coat or two for a solid, bright finish. For your background, you'll want a large tin of plain white or a light sky blue. You’ll also need a few different colours for your mountains, but whether you choose more natural shades or something a bit brighter and quirkier is up to you! For the perfect mix of eye-catching and soothing, we recommend using Rust-Oelums's Chalky Wall Paint in shades of Aloe, Little Light, and Anthracite.

- Roller & roller tray: You'll probably need a larger roller for your background, and a smaller roller or two for the inside of your mountains

- Brushes: Again, it will be best to pick up a few different sizes, so you can create the neatest lines possible while working on your masterpiece

- Pencil: For both your planning and your outlining

- Rubber: In case you make any mistakes and need to quickly redo a part.

Mural PIS

What To Do

Taking inspiration from Rust-Oleum's lovely yet simple design, we've written up some easy-to-follow steps:

- First, take some time to plan. Look at images of real mountains and other people’s murals to get a feel of what layout and colour scheme you like. Then take some time to draw down your design in a notepad, so you have something to reference later

- Now it's time to paint the background. Make sure you always stir your paint before use and then using your roller, paint the whole of the wall with one or two coats until you have a solid block of colour.

- Referring to your plan, lightly sketch out your mountains.

- Consider the draft for a moment, making sure everything looks exactly as you want it to

- Then paint over the linework with a slim brush. Wait for this paint to dry

- Colour in the mountains with a larger brush or smaller roller, until all of them are done and wait to dry.


Now your fantastic mountain mural is finished! Clear out all of the painting gear, push back all your furniture and décor, and step back to appreciate your beautiful and arty room! If you really want to take your redecorating to the next level, perhaps browse for some new ornaments or bedsheets that will perfectly match your new mountains?

Want something a bit more visual to follow along with as you paint your mountainous masterpiece? Take a look at Rust-Oleum's How To Video below!

For more arty inspiration for your home and accessories to help you finish these projects, check out the full collection of  Rust-Oleum products.

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