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How To Give Your Kitchen Cupboards a Complete Makeover

If you feel like your kitchen has been in dire need of a new lease of life recently, consider painting over your kitchen cupboards and draws with a new, bright colour. Despite how simple it sounds, a splash of new colour can have an immense impact on our décor and mood, perhaps more than many people realise! Take a look at this easy-to-follow guide to get an idea of how to best go about revitalising your kitchen.


Cupboards ECI

What You Need

- Paint: Whether you choose one colour for a sleek, uniform look, or lots of different colours for something really fun and bold, we recommend Rust-Oleum’s Kitchen Cupboard, because it's specifically formulated for the kitchen! Available in 110 colours, this paint is a washable matt so you can easily clean your cupboards in the future without worrying about ruining all your hard work.

- Roller & Tray: For painting larger sections

- Brush: For painting more delicate sections

- Tape: To keep things neat

- Sponge: To quickly clean up any stray paint if needed

- Screwdriver: To remove and reattached handles

Cupboards PIS

What To Do

- Before you begin painting, clean all surfaces using a degreasing detergent. This step is super important. If you skip it, your paint may not adhere to the cupboards.  

- Mask any tricky edges or anything you do not wish to paint, such as the hinges. The tape will allow you to create a clean, crisp edge on the painted surface. Cover your worktops, appliances, and the floor with a sheet to catch any drips.  

- Remove your cupboard and drawer handles and set them to one side. If removing your cupboard doors and drawers entirely, use numbered labels to help you remember where everything goes. 

- Stir the Kitchen Cupboard Paint thoroughly before use. Never shake a paint tin to mix it!  

- Starting with the inside of your cupboard doors and drawers, use a brush to paint any hard-to-reach areas, followed by a short nap roller to coat the remainder of the cupboard. 

- Allow your paint to fully cure for four hours before touching your kitchen.  

Easy as pie! 


Now you can enjoy your bright, bold, and new-feeling kitchen! Perhaps pick up some new accessories to match your new colour scheme, and make sure you think of a really great meal to make that evening to make the most of the space.

For some more easy ideas on how to bring some fresh colour to your home, check out the rest of Rust-Oleum's page, as well as some of our articles on how to paint your flooring or how to make a mountain mural.

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