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Table and Floor Lamps Guide

Guide to Buying Lighting

If you’re looking to nail your dream look for a space, you need the right lighting. The right bulbs, fixtures, and fittings are invaluable for adding the right ambience and atmosphere. Whether it’s expressive pendants, striking spotlights, or on-theme table lamps, there’s certainly something to tie those dream spaces together here at The Range. Here’s our illuminating guide to the basics of buying lighting for your home.

Pendant Lights

Pendants or ‘pendant lights’ are shades that attach to a lightbulb, suspended from the ceiling with a lampshade. Pendants are the easiest way to transform your lighting in a space as they are easily changed, with no special know-how or tools required. However, the sheer breadth of styles available means that there will always be something that fits your furniture and colour scheme. Something as simple as changing the pendant can make a big difference to the overall feel of a space, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Flush Lights

Flush Lights are very similar to pendants, incorporating a shade and light fitting all in one unit. However, these fittings sit against the ceiling (flush) and don’t hang down, or at least not by much. They’re best suited to low ceilings or for those who want a sleek and understated profile. You’ll find flush lights in all sorts of styles, from fabric to crystal and glass.

Interior Lighting Lamp Guide

Wall Lights

Wall lights or sconces are fixed lights that sit flush with a wall and direct light upwards or downwards. These lights are often used in pairs and are excellent way to accent areas in a space such as side boards, bedside tables, and entranceways. These versatile fixtures are also ideal for when floor space is at a premium, or you’re looking to light a section of a space to better work in such as for reading.


Spotlights are fixtures designed to shed light directly downwards onto an area of piece of furniture without an elaborate surrounding, giving a bright, focused light. They sit close to the ceiling or wall, or can be fitted into the surface itself, or onto a metal holder that allows them to be angled and adjusted accordingly. These pieces are excellent for accentuating the furniture below them and providing more direct lighting, such as dining tables and sideboards.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are freestanding lamps that provide extra illumination, serve as purely ambient lighting, or pair with furniture. add a cosy feel to your room. Often placed in corners, nooks, or paired with sitting chairs, sofas, and smaller tables, floor lamps are versatile and practical. Like pendants, there are plenty of styles available for fitting into themes. Floor lamps can also be statement pieces in their own right.

Table Lamps

From decorative lamps to functional desk lamps, these are small enough to sit comfortably on a bedside table or sideboard. They can be used decoratively to support a theme or colour scheme, providing ambient light, or be used to provide more practical working light.


guide to lighting lamp

Ways to Use Lighting



This is lighting that is placed for a specific purpose. It includes strip lighting above kitchen worktops, desk lamps in an office and spotlights in the bathroom. The focused lighting directs light to a particular area.


This is a warm, diffused lighting that lights up the whole room in a soft way. Low wattage floor and table lamps help achieve this by reducing the need for harsh overhead lighting.


Accent lighting adds a burst of light to a particular area, such as a piece of art or a corner of a room. Uplighting on stairs is another example of accent lighting. When used well, it can add a real elegance to your home.

No matter what space you're trying to light, there's always an option to help you stand out and give a room those essential finishing flourishes. With the right lamps, pendants, and fixtures you can transform the feel of a room. We're sure that there's something for whatever space and whatever style you're after here in our Lighting page.

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