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Table Lamps ( products)

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Discover the perfect companion for accent tables, desks, and coffee tables by browsing The Range for a spectacular table lamp. Our stunning array of practical and stylish lamps will ensure your space looks its best with atmospheric and useful lighting and striking designs that will effortlessly enhance your space. The brilliant quality materials and unique styles are ideal for everyday use and will beautifully complement your furniture and other home decor items.

  • Stunning designs for every interior
  • Versatile for your most-used rooms
  • Improves your space for practicality and fashion
  • Plenty of lamps to choose from regardless of budget

Shop our vast collection of table lamps today.

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Explore Designs to Fit your Style

Table lamps come in a dazzling array of designs to complement and enhance the look of your space while providing practical lighting for day-to-day use. Regardless of your home's theme or style, you'll find the perfect table lamp here at The Range to light up your life!

From gorgeous, sleek modern lamps with a minimalist finish to novelty lamps in unique shapes, such as lighthouses, monkeys, and more, our lamps will be the ideal finishing touch for almost any room. We even have touch lamps and industrial lamps inspired by raw materials like glass, neutral colour palettes, and vintage lamps with soft, curved lines and elegant shades to make a statement. Those with country cottages will also love our selection of green and brown-toned lamps with wood effects to make their home feel more cosy.

Find your new favourite style at The Range today!

Illuminate Every Room with Ease

Our spectacular table lamps are versatile enough to be used in most rooms for the ultimate convenience.

A living room table lamp will offer soft lighting for get-togethers with friends and family movie nights. In contrast, bedroom lamps can help you read in peace before bed—you won't even have to get out of bed to turn the bedside lamp off, as you do with your ceiling light—providing a more relaxing atmosphere in the evenings. Desk lamps in your office will give you more light to work by if you're burning the midnight oil or need a closer light for any detailed work you need to do.

Shop now to find the ideal lamp for your room.

Affordability for the Everyday

Regardless of your budget, you'll find a lamp to make your wallet happy online and in-store at The Range. Our lamps are designed to last whilst being affordable and on-trend, allowing you to get great results and prices without compromise.

Many of our lamps look more expensive than they are, too, so every guest will wonder where you got them!

Look for your new favourite bargain lamp today.

Effortlessly Complete the Look

Buying a table lamp is all very good, but they'll need a gorgeous side table, end table, or coffee table to be displayed for the full effect. Whilst you might already have furniture to keep your lights looking fabulous, you can't go wrong by browsing other pieces to upgrade your space, especially since you've gotten your lamp for a great price!

If you want to ensure your desk lamp or table lamp is the star of your decor, use it on surfaces with minimalist and natural elements and colours to complement your stunning lighting feature.

Browse our collections to find your perfect pieces today.

Your Questions Answered

How do I choose a table lamp for my living room?

Consider your interior design theme—are you living in a boho space with plenty of natural wicker, for example, or a modern home with monochrome colours and smooth textures? Once you have a clear idea of your style, finding a lamp that coordinates will become much easier. If you need light to create an inviting atmosphere, a table lamp is a great choice, but if you need to light a larger area for practical reasons, consider a floor lamp instead.

Should table lamps match in a room?

If you don't want them to match, then, no, they don't! Suppose you love a mismatched look in your home but still want your space to feel comfortable and cohesive. In that case, you can find two or three lamps in different designs but have similar elements - for example, lampshades with the same textures, bases of the same colour but in various tones, or the same shapes with a mix of textures and colours! As long as you're happy, that's all that matters. But, if you want things to match more directly, then buying two of the same lamp can create a pleasing symmetry.

What is the trend in table lamps?

Trends come and go, but you can rarely go wrong with brass and copper tones and materials. They're a popular choice for many thanks to their versatility amongst most decor themes, offering a timeless feel that blends beautifully between the modern and vintage.

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